Get Yourself Admitted with a Personal Essay

A personal essay is the best choice when applying to college

An admission essay is a very common way of evaluation many colleges use. You may be asked to write a personal essay explaining your examiner why should you (from all people) get accepted. At first you may feel a little scared and think you definitely need help with essay writing, but you will realize soon that writing from your personal experience can be very accurate in some cases.

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Shall these essays come from a true experience?

The events you write about in your essay must be true. Indeed, you may be asked for an interview later on, should they like your essay, and you must be ready to defend your writing. Essays about your personal life are not a custom dissertation you may copy from some website, but a single, personal expression of something significant you have lived and, hopefully, turns you into a better student -or at least a more desirable candidate-.
However, you may enrich your essay with fictitious details, as long as they don’t change the facts that the examiner could be tempted to check (for example, you may write that a long dead uncle influenced you in trying to become a doctor, don’t say that he won the lottery and paid for your studies).

What shall I write about?

It is your real life experience what turns the essay into a significant reading. For that same reason, you should always write about something important. It doesn’t matter if visiting the post office last week is something you actually did: no one is willing to read about it. On the other hand, difficult experiences, stories of achievements or success, or even sad stories about a hard learning process you went through (as getting over a disease or an accident) catch the reader’s attention at once. Such complex stories are more attractive and easily readable.

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Organizing your essay

As in any assignment writing, a proper organization of your personal essay is a must. You should always write an essay plan before actually starting to write the final version. In a personal essay, a risk you can avoid this way is writing many more pages than you were required. Decide the order of the essay, the title and the subtitles, and then fill in the blanks. Do not extend more than you were told to. A very long essay is as bad as a short one, since in each case you are not responding well to the task.

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But if you are required to hand in a personal essay, the best thing you can do is trust that your life experience will provide you with all the tools you need to fulfill the task in an appropriate way. Try to communicate what you have learnt so far, and you probably won’t fail. Our experienced writers can produce a perfect informative essay for you.

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