What is a Free Online Essay for

Free online essays can be taken only as examples

After a long experience as a student, you should probably know already the risks of downloading a free online essay. After all, an essay you got for free may end up costing you a lot. It is true that today, getting an essay on any topic is as easy as turning on your computer. With any search engine you can find all kinds of free essays waiting for you to download them. But it is not as simple as it seems…

Are free essays just useless?

Easily available free online essays will most probably get you into trouble than help you get a good mark. Teachers today are aware of the different ways students can cheat. All those essay samples and free papers are easily spotted with very common anti-plagiarism software. So, you know: free essays aren’t really safe for handing them in.
All right then, what could you possible use these essays for, then? Are they just something to discard immediately? Not so fast: the free essay samples you can find in any website can be helpful. That’s correct: free online essays are not for printing them and signing them as your own, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t somehow useful. Next, we will demonstrate what can they do for you.

Things you can copy

You can always use an essay sample just as that: as a sample, that is, as a model. You may actually learn something from reading it, and then copy some things as its style, the linking words or the sentence formation. A free online essay can provide you with topic ideas or some clues on how to open or close your own essay. Searching through available essay titles may even get you inspired for writing your own work. So don’t be afraid of looking for samples, as long as you keep considering them samples.

Say the same things but…

The key is paraphrasing. That means, expressing the same ideas but with different words. You can take a whole paragraph from a free essay and then use synonyms and pronouns to avoid literal repetitions. Another good idea is to convert passive voice sentences into active voice. You may also extract many different paragraphs from many different essays, as long as you make sure that the final version of the work makes sense.

Free online essays vs Custom made essays

Custom made essays warrantee a unique style, since it is a work prepared specifically for each customer. Since it is never re-sold or published online, it is impossible for the teacher or the institution to prove the link between the student and the essay writing company. Well, we agree with you, they may cost a little money, but it would be just as handing in an essay of your own.
On the other hand, a free essay is easily spotted by common software and can get the students in big trouble. So, what would you rather choose?

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