Descriptive Essay Writing Needs Observatory skills

Students must create vivid experience for readers in descriptive essay

Descriptive essay writing requires that students display their inert abilities to analyze and describe certain events, personalities or episodes, while using their detailed observations. Hence, students must prepare a list of the points that they want to describe in their essay, as finding informative data on them would help them to focus on a particular topic.

However, research exercise for writing such essays, takes a secondary place, as students need primarily to focus on their observations, while making the narration of the observed information, very attractive and easy for the reader to understand it thoroughly. Nevertheless, presenting evidential support in favor of their analysis would prove to be beneficial as students prepare to write their arguments in favor of a stand taken by them while describing any particular event or personality. For example, students can present research data, while writing on any famous work of Shakespeare, as they present their own description of the masterpiece.

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While the topic of their descriptive essay could be a person, a memorable event, a place or an experience, students should select the topic with great care. Hence, it requires a bit of brain storming, remembering an issue that has left a vivid impression on the minds of students, which is enough for them to write on the relevant subject in detailed manner. However, students can go through a good assignment writing example to understand the skills involved in presentation of such essays.

In any case, the following guidelines can help students to prepare a well-organized essay that can meet the expectation of their tutors, while securing high scores as well.

  • The purpose of writing such essay

As it is always exciting and fun to describe an experience, person or place, in your own words, the purpose of such written paper should be to focus it around the topic, which students are assigned to write this paper. For example, if the students would be writing a descriptive essay about the personality of their grandfather, then they might write about his physique, interaction with others, or his attributes of warmth and kindness. However, they need to select one of these features as their purpose and reason to describe their grandfather. In the process, this reason would eventually take place of the classification essay topics , as students require revolving their description around the chosen attributes only.

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  • Use your narrative and persuasive skills

Since description is related to narrating certain experience or an episode, students should try to practice regularly, using their narrative skills. Therefore, writing on historical events would be a good starter for this purpose, as students can explain the historical events, in a chronological order or describe a certain event like the bombing of twin Japanese cities during the last world war. However, the description provided by the students must have the support of reliable facts, as collected by students during research on such topics. Students can look at a dissertation writing for learning more on the skills of research based essay writing.

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