Put Evidences Together for Your Argument Essay

Students should show their persuasive and analytical skills in argument essay

As the name suggests, an argument essay is to provide sufficient evidential support to the position taken by the students, while discussing any topic or issue in their presentation. Hence, students must remember that this essay can be a combination of all other types of essay, like a cause and effect essay, persuasive or analytical essays as well as a compare and contrast essay, since all of them would require presentation of a hypothesis from the students.

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Therefore, students need persuasive skills to prove their point before the larger audience. However, there is no point is just arguing in support of a given idea or viewpoint, as it becomes meaningless in the absence of any discussion on the opposing viewpoints regarding the essay topic and its relevant issues. In addition, students must provide supporting evidence as collected from external sources for and against their position. Therefore, a strong thesis statement, given in the beginning of the argument essay is essential, while this statement should drive the whole essay contents.

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While the following tips would guide students to write an excellent essay, it is advisable that they also go through any assignment writing service, to know more about the use of persuasive skills in writing a research paper.

  • Present a premise followed by the thesis

As a premise decides the thesis statement of any essay, it should not be subjective or conditional. For example, writing on the topic of abortion, students need to take a firm stand on its ethical essence, the premise could be that one person’s fetus can be the human being for another person. However, there are conditions attached to this premise, as the thesis developed from it would involve words like, “what, if, because”, which need explanations from the writer to prove the hypothesis of such a paper. Going through a coursework help can further guide students in this direction.

  • Select the topic that suits your audience

This is particularly true for those topics, which are controversial and involve a number of ethical or emotional issues. Hence, one way to avoid touching such issues is to know the larger interests of the audience, which students are targeting to present their argument essay. However, the chances are that mixed opinion prevails within the target audience or the College Board counselors on a certain raging issue. In such cases, it is better to leave these topics untouched and move to a safer area where the stand taken in the essay finds support from the majority of the readers.

  • Present both viewpoints with evidences

There is no use in beating about the bush, while just repeating your hypothesis on any particular issue. The real need is to support your arguments with the examples and evidences gathered from external sources, while the counter-viewpoint must also have similar citations from other sources, in their support.

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At the same time, it is very important for the students to remember that preparation of bibliography and works-cited pages, as per the required essay format regulations is essential. A look at dissertation writing will further clarify issues regarding this

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