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Writing courseworks at OCR format

OCR coursework usually consists of two parts which students must complete. It is meant to supplement theory studied in class. The focus is on how to apply theory in practice and also to relate practical performance to theory. The aim of Oxford and Cambridge RSA Examinations (OCR) is to inculcate practical knowledge in students through assignments, which they believe is an absolute must to understand theory. Coursework assessment scores directly affect the overall A2 grade. Students have the choice to opt for the A2 level after they complete the AS level, which also means they are happy with their AS scores. They have a fair chance of performing well with a good AS level score. Motivation is must, as a good performance here could get them a seat to the college of their choice. Here are some guidelines to gather some confidence.

Students would need to interpret the thesis statement in the introduction of the OCR courseworks. For example, students could explain their viewpoint of a historical topic by talking about the background of the historians being referred to. The body of the essay would then allow them to compare the evaluations they made. To achieve this, evidence is provided by using the historian’s point of view and comparing with theories adapted by other historians. It does become a compare and contrast exercise but is the simplest way to get your message across to readers.

You would have to develop the skill to write on any topic given. This would take time. The ideal way to start is to find studies you are interested in and related exactly to what you are studying at the moment. The combination of these two factors can make writing coursework easier. The internet is a powerful medium to find the information. You can get essay help from online content providers and various other sources over the internet. For example, your coursework could be based on writing a character analysis of Othello from the Shakespearean play. You would have studied and made notes about the play and the character. Your selection of the subject would also mean you like it.

At the A2 level, students are supposed to be an expert on the topic. The choice of subject is yours and OCR coursework is part of it. You may have to refer to several websites to get quotes that support your stand on the topic. Experts would have made those quotes specifically on the viewpoint you would be projecting. This is easier said than done. It could take several hours or even days to get the right combination of quotes that fit into the coursework. You may not have that much time at your disposal, as there would be other subjects and study materials to focus on. It is therefore imperative that you make a habit of maintaining notes on all relevant quotes and other important information you come across. A coursework service can help you with this aspect when you first start.

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