AS Biology Coursework

AS Biology Coursework is an Essential Component of Attaining the AS Certification.

AS Level or the Advanced Subsidiary Level is the first part of the A Level qualification. Therefore students cannot ignore this task given on writing a coursework if they want to proceed to Advance level studies and complete high school. AS Level Biology Coursework gives away 50% of the final grade on biology and the rest of 50% is received at the exam.

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Biology is the study of life. Biology is one of the largest and most important branches of science.


It is categorized to three main parts according to the organism being studied.
  1. Zoology - the study of animals.
  2. Botany - study of plants.
  3. Microbiology - study of microorganisms.


At the AS Level a student has to study different areas of biology. Such as Cell structure, Biological molecules, Enzymes are just few.


Once the importance is realized about the coursework, there are few things that a student needs to think about when choosing a subject.
  1. Decide a subject to research on and see whether it will reveal the personal abilities.Students need to do think whether the research committee will appreciate the choice you have made for AS Level Biology Coursework.
  2. Once the subject is decided for the coursework, refresh the knowledge on the subject by reviewing the note that has been taken at lectures on the topic. This will be easy for a student if his/her class attendance was regular.
  3. Design an outline which is based on the main chapters on the topic. In this student is able to break down the main subject into sub topics in order to convey himself/herself precisely.
  4. Once the designing is finished. The student is able to fill out each section with the gathered information.


As biology coursework Once the subjects are chosen writing the coursework paper effectively is the next task. Start with an effective and concise title. The introduction has to be useful, attractive, and has to explain the topic to the reader. It should not be ambiguous at all. The body has to present the facts on the chosen topic. This is the part of your AS Level Biology Coursework can demonstrate your researching skills by citing from well reputed and respected academic sources. The conclusion has to finalize the paper and reiterate the main learning points and conclusions reached through the study. Lastly once the writing is over, one has to recheck the work, edit it and proofread it. As examination board is much stricter than your tutor, badly presented work will cost you precious marks that can make a difference between an A and a B.

The main idea of AS Level Biology Coursework is to check the students understanding on biology. In which he/she needs to give individual explanation on the topic chosen. The success of the coursework can be attributed to students writing style, knowledge of subject, research skills and the analysis. Therefore coursework is all about combining all above skills and addressing the topic chosen.

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