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One of the easiest essays to write is the Argumentative essay. Essay writing of this nature are assigned to students from the middle school grade and by the time students come to high school level they are quite proficient with writing in this fashion. However, there are a selected few the task is still a taxing one. However, with proper know how of how to approach this essay, most students are likely to do well in this assignment.

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Everyone is familiar with what an argument is. However, when it comes to academic essay writing, the argument of the essay can be defined in two ways. Either it can take a position on one side of a controversial issue or it can argue a point, where the writer will take a certain position on the topic. This type of essay should provide not only the opposing issues but also the ones supporting it regardless of the position taken. The writer's task is to write the essay in a persuasive manner which will ensure that the reader will accept the writer's point of view and change his or her mind.

Any type of essay regardless of whether it is an analysis essay or a comparison essay cannot be written without proper planning and organizing of ideas and the actual writing. The same is applied for this type of essay. For an essay of this type students should ideally select a topic which has two conflicting points of view. Students need to ensure that the topic is interesting and relevant to the reader. There will be no point in arguing about something which others lack interest in. Once a topic is selected students will have to ensure that there is sufficient reasoning. The success of an argument depends on presenting evidence effectively to support the point of view being extended. With adequate evidence to back the reasoning, students will have a proper chance of explaining the validity of their beliefs.

When writing an argumentative essay, students need to select the stand they will take in the matter. This is not an easy option. Many find themselves with no proper ideas as to how they should select the position they should take. The best method to select which position they should be taking is to understand both sides of the argument. They should afterwards, select the side they feel strongly about. This will make for interesting writing as arguing the point will be made easy because of the strong feelings they have about it. This is not a strict rule however. Students are free to select any side which they feel they can argue effectively about regardless of their own personal feelings.

There are certain elements which students should take into account when writing such essays.

Mentioned below are some of the things which students should NOT do when they write the essay.

  1. Use informal language. Academic writing essay is not informal. There are certain rules about essay writing which students have to adhere to. The use of slang and words such as "can't" and "won't" are frowned upon when writing academic essays.
  2. Make up evidence. This is not only frowned upon it is also forbidden. Evidence needs to be honest and truthful. It should also be cited. Therefore, when students make up evidence the citing of sources can not be properly done.
  3. Be unprepared. If students need to obtain a good mark for their essay, they need to be prepared to defend their position using the strongest arguments. Without such preparation, the students will not even conduct the data and evidence gathering effectively as they are not clear on what evidence is needed to be cited.

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