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Writing an Application Essay is a Stressful Experience

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An application essay is submitted to gain entrance into a college or any other graduate program. Applications are also written when going on to careers and jobs. But most students concentrate on the application essay writing to enter college or university. Unfortunately many students find that they are unable to write a good entrance essay even if they are excellent at academic essay writing. In instances such as this, they might obtain help with their entrance essays. However, some students still prefer to write their essays on their own. It is therefore, important for them to know how to write an essay which will set them apart from the rest.

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These essays also called admission essays and are written for two reasons. One reason is College Admission Boards receive many applications for acceptance. In order to select the right students for their esteemed educational organization, they need to know who they are accepting. With a personal essay of this nature, they are able to get to know the person who is applying on a personal level. They are also able to gather how good the student is with his communication and essay writing skills.

The other reason is for the student to be able to introduce himself to the Admission Board. The Admission Board receives many applications vying for the same spot in the acceptance list. It is normal that after a while all applications start looking the same. In order to make sure student's essay is to be recognized he or she will have to write a stellar essay. Transcripts and grade sheets will only inform the Board what the students' academic capabilities are. But the contents of the essay and how it is written will be the turning point for the selection decision.

How to Write the Essay

The essay is usually only 500 words. Therefore, writing it will not be a problem if students understand the basic tips of application essay writing. Topics for the essay will be assigned to students and it is up to the students to select the best topic for themselves. They should keep in mind that the topic they select and the manner in which they write their essays will reflect on them.

  • Understanding the requirements is the most important element in the essay. Without a clear understanding of what students are supposed to do, they will be unable to write an effective essay.
  • Selecting a topic which is interesting and informative is important. Topics that best describe the student are the best choices for them.
  • Honesty is important with this essay. Students should ensure that they do not lie as if they are found out it could have dire repercussions.
  • Students should be themselves. They should never portray who they think the reader wants them to be.
  • They should be vivid. This type of essay should be written with a fair amount of adjective and in a manner which describes every aspect of the topic.
  • Originality is a key element with this type of essay. Even the most boring essay topics will have a significant amount of interest if written in a unique manner.
  • The essay should be written in a manner which captures the reader's attention and shows off the students' essay writing abilities.

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