Animal Farm Essay

The Animal Farm Essay is an Interesting Writing Project

The Animal Farm essay is one of the most popular academic essays assigned to students. Written by George Orwell, it depicts political characters in a manner which is humorous and entertaining. This and the fact that there are many hidden messages and meanings which need to be interpreted make it an excellent essay for students. As the author wrote it for a specific reason, students will be able to write many types of essays on this subject. However, for some students essay writing on this subject is difficult as it may be unfamiliar to them. Therefore, in order to write good essays, students need to familiarize themselves with what the Animal Farm is about.

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What is Animal Farm?

The novel, Animal Farm was written by George Orwell in 1945. It is about a gathering of animals in a farm and how they get together to overthrow the owner who is ill treating them. A metaphoric presentation of Stalin during World War Two, it explores the corruption which was rampant among the leaders and how because of their greed and indifference the country suffers. The fact that the author disliked Stalin is quite obvious in this story. The conclusion of the story is that no matter what, the people who are richer and smarter will always make the rules and come on top.


The Essay

Animal farm essayThe Animal Farm essay can be written in many ways. As there are many characters in the story, students have the advantage of writing on any character using different essay forms ranging from a character essay to an argumentative essay. For example, if students are to take the overall theme of the story, they will be able to write an opinion essay on how with power all inhibitions change. It can also be written as a comparison essay where students can write about the various characters and compare them to members of Stalin's communist party. Or they may even be able to compare these characters to politicians in today's world. If writing an analysis essay, students should ensure that they apply the proper analytical skills required to write. No matter which way the essay can be written, it is important that students have a proper understanding of the story. This can only be had by reading the novel. Therefore, before beginning the writing process, students are recommended to thoroughly read the novel.


Writing the Essay

Essay writing based on the novel animal farm is good experience for students. It gives them the ability to conduct in depth research into the novel and its characters. Many students find writing the Animal Farm essay an enjoyable experience. However, there are certain considerations which should be adhered when writing their essays. No matter how well the story is researched or understood it takes knowledge and writing skills to write a good essay. An essay should be written with a solid thesis statement in the introduction followed by body paragraphs which explains the thesis. This should be followed by a conclusion which should leave the reader with a complete understanding of what the essay was about. Simply retelling the story will not suffice. Students will have to ensure that all aspects of the thesis are covered in the essay.


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