Analytical Essay

Use of Analytical Thinking Skills is Necessary When Writing an Analytical Essay

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An analytical essay is one of the most common forms of academic essay writing assignments handed out to students. When it comes to writing these essays, students have to use proper writing skills as well as quite a lot of analytical thinking skills. In order to understand how to write an essay of this type, students need to know what the basic expectations of this essay are. Such understanding will lay the foundation for writing profound essays which impress the examiners and tutors alike.

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What is an Analytical Essay?

To analyze means to try and understand what something is about. This is done through a detailed examination of a subject by breaking the whole into certain components in order to gain a proper understanding of it. Anything can be analyzed to acquire a deeper knowledge of it. It can be an object, a book or an event etc. Students need to apply analytical thinking skills in order to examine the subject deeply in order to gain such understanding. Writing this type of essays is advantageous to the students as it will teach them critical thinking and to consider individual components in relation to the entirety or the whole.

Essay Writing Tips

When assigned the analysis essay, the first objective will be to understand what the topic of the essay will be regarding. Selection of topics should be done with great consideration. It should be a relevant topic which is interesting to both the writer and the reader. Once a good topic has been selected, students will have to decide what they wish to convey in the essay. Good arguments are essential for a well presented essay. Therefore, students should identify the most dominant of issues which will surface through the analysis.

Researching is a key component for any academic writing essay. For any argument to be considered seriously, it has to be backed by proper evidence. This will add credibility to the argument or discussion. Conducting research will assist students to further develop their analytical skills. This can be done through the use of books, journals and online resources. Making sure to rely on reliable and scholarly sources is advisable when doing analytical essay.

Once research has been conducted thoroughly, students need to come up with a good thesis statement. This is vital for any type of essay. A thesis statement is one sentence in the introduction of the essay which states what the argument is about. The entire essay will be written around this central theme or argument. The essay body will go into an in depth study of the argument or point in a cohesive a logical manner. Students should ensure that transitions between paragraphs are consistent. This makes reading the essay more interesting. The use of complicated language and text is not recommended for this type of essay.

The format for this type of essay should be verified with the tutor before beginning the essay writing process. Each academic organization has their set rules on how essays should be formatted. However, in order to save precious time, students will be greatly benefited by having a basic understanding of all common types of formatting requirements.

The writing of analytical essay is challenging to most students. But they are used extensively especially at university and college level assignment writing. Therefore, with proper understanding of the important elements necessary to write such essays, students must develop their writing skills to write quality essays of this nature.

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