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To Write a Good Analysis Essay Requires Analytical Thinking

An analysis essay is written by analyzing a particular subject, object, a concept or any other thing. Students are familiar of analyzing many things on a daily basis in day to day life. Analyzing is done in order to try and understand something. However when it comes to analysing a subject for writing an academic essay, the depth of analysis is expected to be much more than what is usually applied in to daily decisions. However, essay writing in general taps on to the student's analytical skills. Therefore, writing this essay involves taking the general writing skills to a higher level. This is probably why some students find writing this type of essay more challenging than any other type. This is why a clear understanding of what entails analysis and how this is to be applied in to writing an essay can be extremely beneficial for the students.

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Analysis is defined as the sseparation of an intellectual or material whole into its constituent parts for individual study of such constituent parts and their interrelationships in making up a whole. While this may sound too complicated, it is like taking up an orange and dissecting it in to its separate sections and then analyzing each section separately as well as how in combination it can form the whole orange again. However, while the orange has more or less similar segments, in general analysis, these constituent segments or parts will have many differences and variability which makes the analysis more complicated. This is what the students are expected to do when they have been set with the task of writing an analytical essay.

An analysis essay will be written by analysing a certain topic or an idea. Hence the introduction of the essay must describe and define the whole prior to it being spereated in to its constituent parts. For effective analysis, the writer's own ideas and opinions must be incorporated in to the writing along with sound evidence and examples. Comparison with other similar subjects or objects can be a medium used to illustrate the analysis being carried out.

Analysis writing is applied in to many subject areas ranging from math, biology, business management to psychology etc. Analysis is also applied in to work of literature where critical analysis can be applied in to literacy essays and book review essays. This essay will require the students reading the literary work thoroughly, and then analysing each component of the work such as character, themes, messages and plot in relation to the entire work.

Researching is very important for this type of essay. Therefore, students should ensure that they research thoroughly and have adequate material before beginning the writing process. Planning and logically organising the essay will ensure the smooth flow of the analysis. This can increase the cohesiveness of the essay and the level of understanding the reader gain from reading it.

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