Adolescent Essay

Adolescent Essay Can be a Truly Interesting Assignment

Many students find writing an adolescent essay challenging. But this is a rather interesting topic area as most students have just past this age group or at the tail end of it when they are in high school. Therefore, students are most likely to have ample information and insightful perspectives to contribute to this essay. Therefore, it is most probably not the essay which frightens students, but the actual process of essay writing involved. Most students do not understand how they are to write essays of this type and what they should include in them. Such dilemmas may prompt the students to seek essay help or buy essay from a professional writing service.

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To write a good essay on this topic, students must first be aware of what adolescence represents. This is the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood and starts with the early teen years to early twenties. An adolescent goes through many changes during this period, both physical and psychological. The stage of adolescence depends on many elements. In many countries the stages of adolescence is silent, while in others it is an important event with ceremonies and rituals which celebrate the coming of age. During this stage, children go through mood changes, social withdrawal, and rebellious behaviours. Most parents forget how painful and confusing their own growing up years was and fail to manage their adolescents in a tactful manner. These issues which adolescence brings upon the youths, the parents and the overall society can be noteworthy issues to be addressed in an adolescent essay.

Writing an essay on adolescence can be based on many topics which can be discussed in different essay forms. For example, adolescents go through many interests. These interests can range from attraction towards the opposite sex to experimenting with drugs and alcohol. When assigned this essay students can write an analysis essay or a cause and effect essay on one or more of these aspects of adolescence. Students can also write a comparison essay on the emotional and physical changes of girls vs. boys in adolescence. The essay can also be written as an argumentative essay where the students will provide their own viewpoints on a specific theme and offer solutions. As this essay paper will be read by young students it is important that students use interesting and simple language. The importance is to get deeply insightful and socially enlightening ideas across to the reader.

Research is always important when writing any type of essay. One of the easiest ways of obtaining research material is to speak with adolescents and obtain their views on the subject. The problems and changes adolescents go through make a huge impact on the parents as well as teachers. Therefore, students should take in to account their point of views as well. Students can also write the essay based on their own experiences while going through adolescence. This is an excellent way to write this essay as students will be able to provide insightful firsthand information. There are many resources which can be utilized to obtain research material regarding this essay. These include articles, magazines, journals, books and online resources. There is a vast amount of writing done on adolescence and students will be able to find sufficient material for their essay. However, students should ensure that they cite their sources properly to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Writing of the adolescent essay is demanding yet interesting. For it to be truly a high calibre essay, deep insights and analysis of the root causes and social interactions involved should be discussed. If written with great hindsight and with proper writing skills this essay can be an excellent piece of writing undertaken by students.

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