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Academic essay writing is one of the most common assignments set for high school and college students. These essays will improve the students' knowledge of research and writing. The writing of essays requires thorough knowledge of the subject and extensive research skills. In order to submit excellent essays students need to develop their skills of researching, probing and writing. However, in order to make an essay a success it does not only depend on good researching skills and writing skills; it also depends on organising the thoughts and ideas cohesively and presenting them with a strong line of reasoning. In order to know how to write a successful academic essay, students should know what an academic essay is.

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An academic essay is an essay which students engaged in academic study programs will write for submission to facilitate their appraisal and evaluations. Most often students are provided the essay questions and students must ensure to align their writing to answer the essay questions effectively. These assignment essays will come with various requirements which students must adhere to ranging from the style of essay to word limit and formatting and referencing systems.

Academic essay writing follows certain rules and guidelines. Simply writing an essay does not make it an outstanding assignment response. An academic essay needs to have a clear thesis and the rest of the essay writing should support this thesis.

Below are a few elements to consider when writing an academic essay.
  • Thorough research is vital for a good essay. This is necessary for the development of the arguments in the essay and it will add credibility to it as well. All reference and quotes used should be cited in the proper manner.
  • Be original. When students are assigned topics simply copying what others have written about the topic will not make a good essay. It could also be cause for accusation of plagiarism. Even if the topic has been discussed before, the student needs to make his or her content unique and original.
  • These new ideas can be used as the thesis statement in the students' essays. Most students find that once they overcome the difficulties of coming up with a good thesis statement, the rest of the essay will flow.
  • Another writing tip to consider is the use of a proper structure for the essay. No essay will be a success if the structure is not sound. All essays be it business essays or admission essays will include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. How the student presents their material in these three sections of the essay will decide the smooth flow of the essay and cohesiveness of the line of reasoning presented by the writer.
  • Be organized. Setting up a time table and adhering to it will ensure that students have adequate time to complete their essays by the deadline.
  • Students should use proper language when writing their essays. As essays are academic writings, students should refrain from using excessive humour and emotions. Essays should be written in formal but objective tones.
  • Any essay, regardless of type should be edited and proofread for errors. This should not be only applicable to the body of the essay it self but the entire essay including the reference list or the paginations and page layouts.

Incorporating these guidelines to the academic essay writing procedures can help students improve their work and make the essay writing process a more efficient and enjoyable one.

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