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Writing High Calibre Academic Essay is Essential for Academic Success

The academic essay is an essay which is written in an educational organization in response to a certain essay question. In order to answer these questions students have to conduct thorough research and provide their point of view on the subject. This is written in the thesis statement and the entire essay is written to try and prove the thesis statement with the use of sound evidence. Many types of essay writing are undertaken in high school and college, and these are good practice for students who wish to go on to further their education. The writing of dissertations which comes in later part of college studies is made easier for students if they have good knowledge of academic essay writing. The writing of an essay allows students to present their thoughts and knowledge on a subject. With extensive research students become more informants about things they had no conception of. Therefore, writing essays is extremely beneficial to develop academic skills as well as an avenue for tutors to assess the students' intake of knowledge.

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Structure of an Essay

An academic essay has to be structured perfectly in order for it to stand out from all the rest. The questions which have to be raised in an essay are "what, how and why". A standard essay structure will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The three questions of "what, how and why" will be addressed in these three sections of the essay. The introduction will inform the readers as to "what" the essay is about. The "how" will be addressed in the body paragraphs of the essay and the "why" will be in the conclusion. For example if students are assigned to write an academic written essay on Global Warming, they will start with introducing the subject of Global Warming and the particular issue students will be addressing will be in the thesis statement of the essay. The body paragraphs will go on to explain, with sound evidence, the reasons for the issue. The conclusion will address the final section of the essay, which is what is at stake if Global Warming is not stopped.


Types of Essays

When students are assigned an academic essay, it is vital that they know which type of essay they should be writing. Most often the type is provided and students will be able to write their essays accordingly. However, it is important for them to know all the types of essays which they will be assigned to write. Below are some:

  1. Argumentative essays - This type of essay inform the reader about your point of view on a certain item and will try and explain why your side of the argument is more valid.
  2. Descriptive essays - this type of essay will describe vividly a specific item, place or person for the reader. This is done by the use of the five senses.
  3. Personal essays - This type of essays shares personal elements with the reader. It can be about anything the students wish to discuss.
  4. Persuasive essays - This type of essay will try and persuade the reader about a certain view point by the use of facts, quotes and other relevant material.
  5. Cause and effect essays - This type of essay will define a certain cause and inform its effects and consequences.
  6. Definition essays - This essay will explain the meaning of a word, term or concept. This will be done by providing meanings and definitions of various terms and theories.

These are just a few of the academic essays which students will be required to write. Writing an academic essay should be done with serious consideration. There should be proper planning, organization and proper writing skills applied. If students follow these basic steps in writing their essays, the quality of writing can be greatly enhanced.


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