Abortion Essay

Abortion Essay Can be Written in Many Perspectives

One of the most interesting and controversial essay students will be asked to write is the abortion essay. It is interesting as it is a topic which is discussed the world over. Abortion is controversial as many countries consider it morally, ethically and legally wrong. Therefore t is illegal for pregnant women to have abortions in such countries. However, as there are many deaths due to illegal abortions, most countries are considering legalizing it. This once again evokes great debate and strong feelings as most people consider it murder. Most religious views also go against this act hence the controversy is further heightened. Essay writing about abortion can be in the form of an argumentative essay or an analysis essay where you can discuss both sides of abortion issue. It can be written from the pregnant person's point of view and it can also be written from the unborn foetus's point of view. No matter how the essay is written it is important to have a proper structure and ensure that there is a logical flow to the essay.

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When students are assigned to write this type of essay, the first point they should consider is the topic. Abortion itself is a topic which has many aspects to write on. As all essays have word limits, the essay topic should be narrowed down to a manageable level. Simply discussing all aspects of abortion in one essay is not possible. This essay can therefore, be written in many alternative ways to ensure that it is manageable. For example, students can write a descriptive essay on the abortion procedure. Extensive medical knowledge should be acquired when writing the process of the abortion. Students can also write this essay as an argument essay where the student will take a side and argue that his point of view on it is correct. For example, it can be in favour of the medical process or against it. When writing an argument essay it is always better if the opposing view is also outlined regardless of the position the writer has taken.

Abortion essay If students are to write the essay in an opinionated manner they can write on how abortion is wrong ethically, yet when considered from the pregnant woman's point of view, especially if she was raped or underage, it can actually be beneficial. There are many ways the essay can be written. Therefore, when students are assigned the abortion essay they should consider the many options available to them.

Once the essay topic is selected, students should ensure that there is adequate research material available to them. No essay regardless of its type can be written without proper research. In order to add credibility to the essay there has to be sound reference material from reputed sources. Therefore, thorough and careful research is important. As with any essay writing project, students should ensure that all reference is cited properly in order to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Proper structuring is required for an essay which is to be considered well presented. Therefore, the essay should have an interesting introduction with a good thesis statement, three or four body paragraphs and a sound conclusion. Most academic organizations have formatting requirements which need to be adhered to. Therefore, before beginning the essay, students should ensure that they understand the proper formatting requirements set forth for their essays and how to format the essays as well.

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