A Level Coursework

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Once a student reaches his/ her final two years of high school he/she is expected to acquire an education qualification which is the General Certification of Advanced Level. This is very important for a student to enter colleges and universities. In order to receive Advanced Level Certificate student has to go through series of examinations and complete the required A Level Coursework successfully.
A coursework is a general requirement of a student during high school or a college class. It involves written papers, laboratory projects, speeches, practical demonstrations on the particular subject or a combination of all the above. The way to approach a coursework will differ depending on the subject.

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To score well in this type of coursework one needs to understand the basic requirements of the assignment given. Student has to be familiar with various formats of reports, case analysis papers, literature reviews, and also needs to apply the experience one has gained through past years at high school. There are two basic types of coursework which students are commonly required to attend to.

Direct Coursework

In this type a student needs to work through a specific set of instructions given in the assignment. It involves in responding to questions or a specific framework for the given subject.


Elective coursework

In this type a student is able to receive instructional guidance, but student is able to experiment, show out the artistic skills and also to enrich oneself on the specific subject given.


Tips for A Level Coursework
  1. Have a clear title and objective.
    This is the most important task. Without a clear objective, students tend to struggle through their coursework, lacking direction.
  2. Pre plan your answer by tailoring your assignment plan or outline to achieve the main objective.
    Many students forget about the main question when completing the coursework. Therefore at the completion it becomes meaningless and will score low marks as well.
  3. Usage of different sources.
    To have a balance work, it is very important to have many views and opinions of different people. Make sure that you use only the well respected and reliable sources.
  4. Usage of Theory and Data.
    Use theory as a start and see whether the data confirms or rejects the theory.
  5. Evaluation.
    Evaluate the collected data and the observations. Apply only the information that is relevant to.


Things to avoid
  1. Making up data.
  2. Writing in general non specific terms.
  3. Don't cite search engines or web encyclopedias because there are many links and references to find information for the relevant topic. Therefore cite them directly.


A level courseworkStudents are expected to show wide range of skills through their A Level coursework. They have to display knowledge and skills such as analysis, synthesis, expression and writing. All these skills should be combined to make it an effective and complete coursework that can impress the examiner. This kind of coursework will also help a student to handle more complex work at a college or at a university level at later stage.

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