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I thought I would offer some link love today. So here are some of the blogs I read, along with my favorite posts on each.

I’m a big fan of Small Potato at WPDesigner, I have gotten a lot of help with his theme design tutorials

I regularly read clash. Arpit Jacob produces tons of content for web designers. I originally found him because of his feature: Top ten best free WordPress themes .

WebAppers Is a great resource for web developers. Ray Cheung writes about the newest resources on the net.

WebGazette – Ainslie is a talented themer that ports post of his designs from other themers, or website templates.

ericulous Eric Genkisan is a themer and web developer. I think his coolest work to date has to be Popurls Clone using WordPress

./with Imagination by Dustin Diaz. If you need help with JavaScript you have no choice but to follow his podcast. You should also check out the Take a tour feature of his website. (Right under his search box)

Roxzen blogs about Photoshop and other general stuff. My favorite post on her blog is her complaint of her choice of pink. I hope she doesn’t hate me for saying this but I thought it was cute.

WebGyver Tools and resources for successful web design, web development,
web applications and web business marketing.

This is just a small grouping of the blogs I read, If I missed yours don’t worry I plan to do this on a regular basis.

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  1. Arpit Jacob says:

    Hello there thanks for the link love :)

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