WordPress Theme: Indian Red


My newest WordPress theme: Indian Red

Indian Red

Demo Here

I’m very proud of this one, It’s my most complete theme. It has some very cool features.

First the 4 boxes across the top are widget ready, or you can edit theme by editing the files.

The left side bar is also widget ready. The bar on the left is not, felt I was pushing it a bit with five already.

You can download from here right now: Indian Red

I will upload it to the Theme Viewer as soon as they are finished with there upgrades.

Till then, here is a larger screen shot: Indian Red Full size

If you run into problems. or have questions or suggestions please let me know.

Ive released this theme under creative commons, but may change it to gnu in the near future.

One other note, I have to give kudos to Small Potato; for without his tutorials I would be lost!

4 Responses to “WordPress Theme: Indian Red”

  1. […] Indian Red es un tema a tres columnas y cabecera especial con contenido, soporte widget y bastante completa. […]

  2. pico says:

    great theme David!
    I must admit you have done more than others. However you did not put some of regular page like author page, category page… You also did typos on css…
    That is ok though… I try to use it for local discount listing… Thanks to you :)

  3. David says:

    Pico, thanks for the pointers, it’s been a bit since I’ve worked on this theme. Before the week ends I’ll get back to it and see what i can do to improve it.

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