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Like to use vector art in your themes, but lack the talent or motivation to make them yourself. That’s me; I couldn’t draw an icon if I had to. So today I thought I would highlight a few spots on the web where you can acquire some very tasteful artwork. In some cases you can find what you need free

Vecteezy an indexes Free Vectors available for download by some of the best designers around the world. The site is updated daily

Iconlet Search. If you want to browse all just put “ALL” in the search box

graphicPUSH has a few icons.

FastIcons Has some great Icons. Hint: down;aod the Linux icons their in .png format.

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  1. Tina says:

    Nice share ! It’s so helpful with me. So i will give you where to download free vector art : http://freevectorart24h.blogspot.com

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